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Some things are rocket science. Expand minds, inspire confidence with Cosmosphere Camps.

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A curious mind.

That is the common quality among students who have come to Cosmosphere Camps for the past 35 years. Curiosity leads to wonder, which, as Neil Armstrong said, “is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

Cosmosphere Camps give participants deeper understanding of all things related to science, technology, engineering and math—from learning about the solar system and conditions required for a lunar base in elementary school to how to build a settlement on Mars in high school. 

The impact on learning and confidence in STEAM subjects is impressive, yet the lifelong skills in communication, teamwork, leading and problem solving gained might be the greatest hallmark of Cosmosphere Camp. Past campers report that those lessons shaped their future.

Below are the descriptions of the camps for each age range. With the exception of travel camp, there are no prerequisites, so a participant can join the camp adventure at any grade level.

Young Explorer Day Camps

Campers will gain a greater understanding of our solar system by learning about the planets, stars, space travel and teamwork through hands-on science activities.
Entering 3-4 Grade •
5 half-days
$250 + $70 registration fee
Campers take on the challenges of living on the Moon and explore past, present and future lunar missions.
Entering 4-5 Grade •
5 Half Days
$250 + $70 registration fee
Campers create their own alien life form, decode alien messages, observe microscopic organisms and explore the possibilities of environments beyond Earth.
Entering 5-6 Grade •
5 Days
$350 + $70 registration fee
Campers learn more about Earth’s life systems as they consider how humans survive in space. Outings include the Dillon Nature Center, Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Center, and Strataca: Kansas Underground Salt Museum.
Entering 6-7 Grade •
5 Days / 1 Overnight
$400 + $70 registration fee

Ad Astra Program Overnight Camps

Campers will learn how to survive on Mars, gathering life-sustaining resources while operating robotics, culminating in a Settlement Challenge and Astralis capsule-based simulator mission.
Entering 7-8 Grade •
5 Days / 4 Overnights
$600 + $70 registration fee
Campers will launch high powered rockets, program Sphero robots and produce a press-conference, building life skills and career paths, before completing a Lunar mission.
Entering 8-9 Grade •
6 Days / 5 Overnights
$800 + $70 registration fee
Campers will learn how to successfully live in outer space, including a mission on the Astralis capsule-based simulator to the Astro Lab. Experiment with High Altitude Balloons and learn to SCUBA dive to train like real astronauts.
Entering 9-10 Grade •
6 Days / 5 Overnights
$1,000 + $70 registration fee
Campers will focus on landing on the Moon by learning the principles of flight with sims and drones, before building an underwater ROV and recover rocket parts from a pool.
Entering 10-11 Grade •
6 Days / 5 Overnights
$1,300 + $70 registration fee
Campers set their sights on Mars, learning what it takes to build and survive in a Martian settlement. Hear from experts in the field including WSU’s NIAR.
Entering 10-12 Grade •
6 Days / 5 Overnights
$1,400 + $70 registration fee

Seasonal Camps

4th-6th graders can train with an astronaut this spring break! Astronaut Steve Swanson joins Spring into STEM campers this year! Steve Swanson is a retired NASA astronaut that has flown two shuttle flights and one Soyuz flight logging over 195 days in space with 5 spacewalks under his belt.
Grades 4-6 •
5 Days
$350 + $70 registration fee
Take a deeper dive into your favorite topics with like-minded adults who love STEM as much as you. See what it takes to train like an astronaut, run a simulated mission to low-Earth orbit, and launch your next school year energized and equipped with Cosmosphere-supported activities. Earn PD or college credits through WSU.
Teachers •
4 Days
$100 (Refunded after camp is attended.)
A Cosmosphere summer camp for adults with all the greatest hits! Start the camp on Wednesday night with dinner and drinks with former NASA astronaut John Herrington. All campers will receive a picture and autograph. Build and launch a model rocket, try to survive the Apollo 13 emergency, compete in engineering challenges, and end the camp with a launch in the Astralis capsule to low-Earth orbit.
21+ •
4 Days / 4 Nights
$1,050 + $70 registration fee

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Gain lifelong skills in communication, teamwork, leading and problem solving to shape your future.

Parts of the Hall of Space Museum at the Cosmosphere are currently under renovation and are expected to reopen in late 2024.