LaunchLearning Resources

LaunchLearning Resources

LaunchLearning™ is Cosmosphere’s greatest resource for Educators. It combines original virtual programming that delivers NGSS-aligned content, coupled with presentations from Cosmosphere educators in your classroom and/or via livestream. To find out more, contact the LaunchLearning team at or call 620.665.9362. 

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Battery Kit

Learn how batteries work by building one to power an LED light.  Kit includes everything needed to build one battery except the electrolyte. 



Battery Refill

Refill for battery kit. Includes laser-cut felt, 2 wires, and zinc washers.




Soma Cubes 1in/3in

Soma Cubes consists of seven distinct pieces, each formed by combining three or four smaller cubes. Students work to put these pieces together into one large cube.  This activity promotes spatial reasoning, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and can be used to introduce symmetry and geometry.



Venturi Meter

A tool for students to visualize the relationship between velocity and pressure. Kit includes everything needed to build a Venturi Meter except the liquid.



Basil Seed Kits

The Cosmosphere launched a set of basil seeds on a high-altitude balloon that went above the Armstrong limit.  This is the limit where there is no physiological difference between that point and space. The seeds experienced extreme pressure and temperature differences and higher doses of radiation. Kit includes a set of space-flown seeds and a control of non-flown seeds.  Students will grow these seeds in the classroom to see if there is a difference between germination rates. Excellent introduction to experimentation, variables, collecting/analyzing data, and sample sizes.




Students will investigate how pulleys work.



Raketti Puzzle

Explore Bornoulli’s Principle.  Student’s will lift the center of the puzzle out by using a straw to blow air across the top.



High Altitude Balloon Launch

Send objects above the Armstrong limit and into space. Launches are great for teaching things like weather, Earth’s atmosphere, or for student experiments. Launch must be done at the Cosmosphere and includes a Mission Pass field trip for up to 100 people.




Astronaut Virtual/In-person Visit




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