The most highly regarded space artifact restoration, replication and design organization is part of the Cosmosphere.

Its SpaceWorks division has developed an international reputation through restoring authentic spacecraft, like the Apollo 13 Command Module Odyssey and Liberty Bell 7, as well as creating high-fidelity replicas for film and television.     

One of the greatest sources of pride for the Cosmosphere was SpaceWorks role in restoring the consoles in the historic Mission Operations Control Room at Johnson Space Center to its 1969 glory.

Today, SpaceWorks team members travel the world to install Cosmosphere artifacts in exhibits from Bratislava to Brazil. They work for other museums creating state-of-the-art exhibit and display cases as well as developing entire exhibits. And yes, it all happens out of a workshop in Hutchinson, KS.

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The renovated galleries in the Hall of Space are open. While many artifacts are on display during this time, the exhibits and graphics won’t be fully completed until late 2024.​