Ground Control

Meet the dedicated staff at the controls of the Cosmosphere.

Jim Remar

President and Chief Executive Officer


Steven Birdsall

Senior Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Jack Graber

Vice President of Exhibits and Technology

Joanna Strecker

Vice President of Education

Gage Anthony

Nick Atanasio

Don Aich

Steve Barnum

Tammy Bolin

Dale Capps

Stefan Carlin

Katrina Drummond

Tristyn Green

Sheila Harmony

Samantha Hyman

Michele McCartney

Chuck McClary

William Morrell

Lesa Paulsen

Mary Smith

Kristen Spurlin

Lily Swinea

Lilly Barnes-Taylor

Sherry Treece

Cody True

Bill Tucker

Shannon Whetzel

The renovated galleries in the Hall of Space are open. While many artifacts are on display during this time, the exhibits and graphics won’t be fully completed until late 2024.​