Mission: Astro Lab

As Astro Recruits progress toward their end goal of establishing life on another planet, they must first successfully live in outer space. In Mission: Astro Lab, campers will work as a team to send a crew using the Astralis capsule-based simulator to the Astro Lab (a space-based experimentation station modeled after the real International Space Station). Campers will create unique experiments and send them as high as 80,000 ft in our High Altitude Balloon, and they will train like real astronauts when they learn how to SCUBA dive.

Entering 9-10 Grade
6 Days / 5 Overnights
$1,000 + $70 registration fee

Check-In: HCC dorms 12:00-12:45 pm

Orientation: 1:00 pm on first day

Graduation: 10:00 am on final day 

2024 Dates

  • June 2-7, 2024
  • June 9-14, 2024
  • June 23-28, 2024
  • July 14-19, 2024*
Registration Opens September 1

*Astronaut John Herrington will be a part of the July 14-19 session, $100 additional fee applies.

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Please note: Activities are subject to change. Significant changes will be communicated prior to camp.


  • Complete a mission to dock with the Astro Lab using both the Cosmosphere’s Mission Control Center and featuring the Astralis capsule-based simulator modeled after NASA’s Orion capsule
  • Train for weightlessness with an introduction to SCUBA dive.
  • Create experiments and send them up to 80,000 in a High Altitude Balloon. Can you do the ultimate egg drop and engineer a device to protect it or can water bears survive the journey?
  • Learn how to conduct basic medical flight tests and perform physicals on astronauts during the mission.
  • Train like an astronaut in the 4-G Centrifuge, the Multi-Axis Trainer (MAT), and a Russian Soyuz Spacecraft Simulator!
  • Learn how to fly drones through an obstacle course.
  • Use engineering skills to build a Rube Goldberg machine.
  • Dive into exciting worlds using virtual reality technology.
  • Build team communication and problem-solving skills on Cosmosphere’s CosmoWorks Challenge Course.

Career Clusters Focus:

  • Business, Management, Administration
  • Health Science
  • Human Services
  • Marketing

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