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Thank You to Our Volunteers!

We’re Celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Week!

We are so grateful for each and every one of our volunteers. Whether they’ve been with us for six months or more than 40 years, our passion and dedication to the Cosmosphere is what makes everything we do possible. Thank you so much to all our volunteers for their dedication! 

This week, we celebrated our volunteers at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast. During this time, those who have volunteered for 1, 5 and 10 years were presented with awards, recognizing them for their years of service. Jim Ewert, pictured to right, was presented with an award recognizing his 10 years of service to the Cosmosphere. Ewert, along with his wife Andrea, volunteers in a variety of roles. From serving as a docent giving guided tours to museum visitors to working with campers all summer on the Rocket Team.

Current volunteers: Alexis Andrew, Barbara Andrew, Adam Ankenman, Christian Azzun, Misty Barnum, Brianna Buller, Pam Casanova, Avery Castor ,Charles Chambers, Maria Chendighilean, Andrew Cox, Judy Davidson, Steve Davidson, Carolyn Davies, Bonnie Diekman, Jack Diekman, Eldon Eck, Andrea Ewert, James Ewert, Martha Fee, Kristin Fishburn, Tomi Ann Foust, John Gallagher, Tom Giller, Caleb Gimar, Dave Harmony, Jim Harris, Lindsey Hatfield, Charles Heminway, Glenda Hooper, Richard Hooper, Paula Hopkins, Kent Hoskinson, Kurt Huschka, Matthew Hyman, Guy Kass, Roger Keating, Julie Kimmel, Adam Lance, Elicia Lance, Dan Lord, Marilyn Lynch, Sandy Marshall, John McCue, Rebecca McCue, Sistine McKown, Greg Meredith, Rachel Morrison, John Mulnix, Simone Mulnix, Brent Newton, Brad Nuest, John O’Connor, Sally O’Connor, Brandon Parks, Roland Reimer, Susan Richardson, Dell Marie Shanahan Swearer, Michael Simmons, Steve Smith, Brittany Stamps ,Alison Stoughton, Courtney Thompson, John Thompson, Patti Wamsley, Denton Warn, Vicki Willingham and Jim Wyland

Want the inside scoop on all things Cosmosphere? Become a volunteer! Cosmosphere volunteers have a unique opportunity to engage with the community, learning and teaching about the exciting world of space exploration. To learn more about being a part of our team of volunteers, email volunteer@cosmo.org or call 620-665-9320.