Adult Astronaut Adventure

A Cosmosphere summer camp for adults with all the greatest hits! Start the camp on Wednesday night with dinner and drinks with former NASA astronaut John Herrington. All campers will receive a picture and autograph. Build and launch a model rocket, try to survive the Apollo 13 emergency, compete in engineering challenges, and end the camp with a launch in the Astralis capsule to low-Earth orbit.
4 Days / 4 Nights
$1,050 + $70 registration fee

2024 Dates

  • July 17-21, 2024
Registration Opens September 1

To register for camp, you will need to create a new profile on the Camper Portal under the HELP tab. You must create a User and Camper profile for yourself.

For more information about registering for a camp, view the FAQ page. If you have questions or need help, please contact the camp support team from the CONTACT page.


  • Launch a high-altitude balloon and collect data using Arduinos
  • Take home space-flown basil seeds
  • Recreate finding and recovering LB7 with underwater ROVs
  • Complete a mission to orbit the Earth using both the Cosmosphere’s Mission Control Center and Astralis capsule-based simulator, which is modeled after NASA’s Orion capsule
  • Learn how the Cosmosphere can support you in your classroom throughout the school year

Please note: Activities are subject to change. Significant changes will be communicated prior to camp.

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