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Top Ten Reasons Hutchinson, Kansas Is the Perfect Cosmosphere Home

10. A great cross country stop just when you need it most.

9. It’s easy to find—even without a GPS or Smartphone.

8. An overnight stay is affordable with plenty of great national hotel chains from which to choose.

7. It’s not alone! Strataca and the Kansas State Fair are two more of the great destination attractions around which you should plan a trip to Hutchinson!

6. It’s on the campus of one of the state’s top community colleges, adjacent to a great stadium and on the same block as the Sports Arena, home of the annual NJCAA Basketball Tournament and many other events. Planning activities that include the Cosmosphere could not be easier.

5. Hutchinson, Kansas, is literally in the middle of everything, which means the Cosmosphere is accessible to everyone from coast to coast and top to bottom of the U.S.A.!

4. Night skies in Kansas are perfect for stargazing.

3. Hutchinson is 50 minutes from Wichita—the Air Capital of the World. So aeronautical researchers, engineers and a host of experts partner with the Cosmosphere and lend their expertise to our educational programs.

2. Limitless open fields and pastureland provide the perfect landscape for experimenting with the principles of rocket science (insert mad scientist laugh track here.)

1. Because this is where Patty Carey lived. She was one amazing woman with a vision to bring the science of the universe and the wonder of space exploration to everyone. She believed Hutchinson, Kansas, was the perfect place to plant the seeds of that vision. It took root and grew into the Cosmosphere. And that has made all the difference to millions of visitors since 1962. Don’t miss the opportunity to understand why for yourself!