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Rare Halloween Blue Moon for 2020

There’s no better way to celebrate spooky ghouls, goblins and werewolves on Halloween than under the veil of a ghostly full Moon! Although, Halloween 2020 isn’t offering any old full Moon—it’s offering up a rare, Blue Moon. 

What is a Blue Moon?

This year’s full Moon on Halloween will be extra spookingly-special since it will be the second full Moon of the month—which by definition is a “Blue Moon.” When you look at a full Blue Moon on Halloween night or any night for that matter, it won’t be blue in color, in fact a Blue Moon doesn’t look any different than a normal monthly full Moon, but this one will be rather unusual. A Blue Moon on Halloween hasn’t occurred since 2001! Be sure to watch the Halloween Blue Moon as it rises in the east around sunset—as a Blue Moon won’t coincide with Halloween for another 19 years—in 2039!

Celebrate the Blue Moon

Celebrate this rare occurrence now through Halloween by bringing your ghouls and goblins in costume to the Cosmosphere! Snap a selfie in front of our very own “Blue Moon”—located next to the Cosmosphere Cafe. Post the pictures to your social media channels and be sure to tag the Cosmosphere and use the hashtag #CosmoBlueMoon.  

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