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Purchase the Holiday Bundle in November To Give the Gift of Cosmosphere Camp!

A gift of an experience is the new hot trend in the gift-giving world. Maybe it’s a gift of cooking lessons or a favorite concert. A summer 2022 Cosmosphere Camp is the perfect experience for the science-minded or space-loving student on your list!

All you do is present them with a Cosmosphere Camp Gift Certificate. They will have fun anticipating the incredible things they will do at their week of camp. Now through November 27th for $25 more, you can purchase a Holiday Bundle along with the gift certificate to make the perfect presentation gift.

What is included in the bundle? We are so glad you asked!

  • An official letter of invitation to attend, which reads:

You have been selected to join a great adventure next summer.

You will be called upon to solve problems, navigate vehicles on the Moon and Mars and you can program robots to overcome challenges indoors while you and your team do the same in our outdoor challenge course.

Those who have come before you have gone on to do great things and we expect no less of you! Whether you, like other Cosmosphere Camp alumni, work in the space industry or you decide to become the next great chef, you will be all the better at whatever you choose to do next because of your Cosmosphere summer camp experience. Welcome!

  • A super cool Ad Astra Per Aspera t-shirt (translation: to the stars through difficulty!)
  • NASA swag including a sticker, a patch, and a lanyard

The deadline to purchase the Holiday Bundle is November 27. That will ensure you receive the bundle contents by December 13th so you can wrap it for holiday celebrating. Go to cosmocamps.org/holiday_gifts, or to the Museum Shop at cosmo.org to purchase your Holiday Bundle today!

Need help planning the perfect Cosmosphere Camps experience? Call 620-222-0201 or email us at camp@cosmo.org.