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Multidisciplinary Middle School Performance to Honor Challenger Mission at Cosmosphere

On Thursday, February 23, at 10 a.m., more than 150 band, orchestra and choral middle school students from Manhattan-Ogden public schools will present a multidisciplinary performance surrounding the Challenger space shuttle mission at the Cosmosphere. 

Original lyrics, music and script will honor the seven astronauts lost during the mission and will tell the story of how the Challenger inspired the space program to continue to pursue exploration despite tragedy.  This truly collaborative effort crosses disciplines including the performing arts, language arts, technology, science, math, social studies, physical education and the gifted program.  

Scott Freeby, the director of bands for both the participating middle schools, Eisenhower and Anthony, says that the purpose of this performance is to demonstrate how the multidisciplinary teaming of teachers “immerses students in higher levels of discovery and learning–integrating involvement of multiple classrooms to bring holistic comprehension of an idea.” 

Freeby goes on to say that, “students who participate in this style of learning become collaborative workers, creative thinkers, innovators, self-directed learners, community contributors and effective communicators.”  

Following the performance, the students will partake in a full day of learning and activities at the Cosmosphere.