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2021 Top 13 Best Holiday Space Gifts

Looking for that unique gift for the space lover or STEM-minded youth on your list? Check out our Top 13 Best Holiday Space Gifts* available in the Cosmosphere Gift Store – in-store or online. (Why offer a Top 10 List, when #13 is our lucky number? See #13 on the list to find out why!) *Items are subject to change and may not be in-stock due to limited availability.

1. Head Gear
What better way to cover up that noggin than with super cool head gear from the Cosmosphere? Show your love of the SR-71, the Apollo 13 and even Snoopy, all while keeping that large, bright star at the center of our solar system out of your eyes!

2. Snoopy Swag
What does Snoopy have to do with spaceflight? We’re glad you asked! Snoopy has shared an association with NASA since the Apollo missions in 1960. Now you can show your love for this iconic comic strip character from everything from shirts to ball caps!

3. Neckties
He’s smart. He’s handsome. He’s wearing a space-themed necktie! Show your love for the male humans in your life with the most unique fashion statements on the planet. He’ll be the envy of the office!

4. Adult and Youth Apparel
Have we got apparel or have we got apparel? Heck, we have a whole section dedicated to colorful space-science themed apparel for all the little explorers (or big explorers) on your list – everything you need from head to toe. It’ll be hard to choose just one!

5. Jewelry
We love you to the Moon and back! (We really do!) What’s a better gift than to give them the Moon? Well sort of…A unique Moonglow Jewelry necklace or bracelet features the phase of the Moon on a date of special meaning to you – whether it’s your birthday, or that of your significant other, or the day you tied the knot – any memorable milestone!

6. Home and Office
Whether you’re working from home or working at the office, we could all use some space-themed fun to liven up those four walls. From Storm Glass to Mova globes to Galileo Thermometers, we’ll get your office situation looking cosmically cool.

7. Science Fun
Science kits, robots and puzzles – oh my! Check out all of the Science and Learning collections at the Cosmosphere Gift Store! Keep your budding engineer engaged and excited with hands-on, unique activities!

8. Drinkware
Show off your love for space and the Cosmosphere with fun drinkware! Our tumblers and mugs take “break time” out of this world. The Cosmosphere Gift Store has everything you need to keep you looking cosmic and suppafly as you sip your favorite beverage!

9. Rockets
3, 2, 1…LIFT OFF. Delight that future rocket scientist with a rocket kit from the Cosmosphere’s Gift Store. From little to big rockets, there are age-appropriate options for all to help launch that wonder of spaceflight!

10. NASA Gear
Charm that NASA geek you’re shopping for with everything NASA–from neck ties to t-shirts to patches, we’ve got something to satisfy them all!

11. Space Science Books
The Cosmosphere is your stop for space and science books!  With selections ranging from children’s books to those for young adults as well as the well-versed space enthusiast, the Cosmosphere has books for everyone.

12. Space-Themed Toys
Give the space explorer in your life imagination room to roam with interactive, space-themed toys! Some light up, play sounds and are ready for lift-off and exploration, while others are squishy and plush and make the best night time cuddle buddy!

13. Apollo 13 Gear
The Cosmosphere Gift Store is your place for official Apollo 13 gear! (psst…you can see the actual Apollo 13 spacecraft in person in Cosmosphere’s Hall of Space Museum!)