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What Can Business Leaders Learn From NASA Mission Control?

Hutchinson, KS—Whether it’s a lightning strike on liftoff or the safe return of astronauts stranded in space, NASA’S Mission Operations Control Room (MOCR) was the location where crisis management skills were put to the test. Cosmosphere’s next virtual “Coffee at the Cosmo” will appeal to business leaders as well as space enthusiasts.

Beginning at 9 a.m. CST, Thursday, January 21, viewers can participate in a virtual conversation with Gerry Griffin, who served as a flight director during the Apollo program and succeeded Chris Kraft as the director of Johnson Space Center. Griffin will be joined by Sandy Marshall, a leadership training expert who has helped clients from Verizon and General Electric to Morgan Stanley understand how to bring the fluid skills of improvisation to bear on critical moments in leadership. “Coffee at the Cosmo” participants will learn how techniques such as “Yes/And” thinking improve collaboration and outcomes and how that parallels stories Griffin will share from MOCR. For a preview of the conversation, see Marshall’s guest blog at cosmo.org/blog. To participate via Zoom, viewers should tune in to www.cosmomeeting.org. Access is also available via Facebook at facebook.com/kscosmosphere/live.

“As Cosmosphere expands its corporate teambuilding and leadership programming, content such as leadership lessons from Mission Control will be one of the ways we utilize the great leadership stories from space history as well as today’s space exploration companies,” said Mimi Meredith, Cosmosphere senior vice president of communication and chief development officer. “We are in a unique position to bring these unparalleled training resources to regional businesses.”

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