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Help the Cosmosphere Reach New Heights!

When Astronaut Michael Collins visited the Cosmosphere in 2016, he remarked that the Astronauts weren’t necessarily the heroes.

“It took 300,000 people to put man on the Moon!” Collins said. He remarked on the critical nature of every job associated with manned spaceflight–no matter how small!

During the 66 days of the summer camp season, the Cosmosphere invites you and your friends to support a brand-new crowdfunding campaign highlighting the impact of our aerospace summer camps.

Crowdfunding celebrates the philanthropic spirit that has supported the Cosmosphere since 1962. It takes the contributions of many to lift any Cosmosphere project or program to success!

Through the LiftOff crowdfunding page, you have the ability to connect to projects that match your passion and interests. AND, with a simple click, you can share the opportunity with your friends. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by a crowd of like-minded philanthropic folk who all believe the Cosmosphere’s mission is critical.

Won’t you help us LiftOff to new heights TODAY?