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Cosmosphere’s Rocket Gallery to Feature Flight-Proven Engine from SpaceX’s Falcon 9

HUTCHINSON, KS, Jun. 18, 2024 – The Cosmosphere is pleased to announce that it has received a flight-proven Merlin rocket engine donated to the Museum by its manufacturer, SpaceX.

Nine Merlin engines power SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. Falcon 9 is the world’s first orbital class, reusable rocket designed for the safe and reliable transport of people and payloads into Earth orbit and beyond. The Merlin engine received by the Cosmosphere helped power the launch of the Koreasat-5A mission on October 30, 2017, which lifted off from the historic Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the same pad that supported many of the Apollo missions.

“The Cosmosphere is grateful to receive a flown Merlin engine from SpaceX,” said Jim Remar, Cosmosphere president and CEO. “The inclusion of the engine in our museum reaffirms the fact that the Cosmosphere houses one of the greatest collections of space exploration hardware.”

The Merlin engine will be displayed in the Cosmosphere’s new rocket gallery, which is set to open in late 2024.

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