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Cosmosphere Poised for Revitalization

The Cosmosphere is inviting everyone to “be a spark that ignites wonder!” Be a Spark is the theme of the recently mailed donor directed campaign that invites support either through becoming a member of the Cosmosphere or through donating directly to the campaign. All proceeds will benefit Cosmosphere’s $15 million Revitalization Campaign, which has raised $3 million to date.

Now through March 30, members who donate to the campaign and those who sign up as new members can earn special limited-time perks, including reserved seating at the Scott Kelly presentation at the Dillon Lecture Series on April 17.

“You don’t have to receive the mailing to take advantage of the special, limited-time offers,” explained Mimi Meredith, Cosmosphere Chief Development Officer. “The incentives offered through March 30 are designed to encourage participation. It will take a lot of sparks to ignite the movement that will lift the Cosmosphere into a new era. And when that happens, visitors from around the world will enjoy an engaging, fresh approach to science education and space history with experiences that are second to none.”

To be a spark and become a member go to cosmo.org/membership and choose the Be the Spark option. To donate without a membership, go to cosmo.org/spark.

For more information, contact Mimi Meredith at 620-665-9339.