Buhler Family STEM Event

Family STEAM Event

Cosmosphere Family STEAM Events are an amazing mix of education and fun!

Are you looking for an engaging family community event that is turnkey and ready to go? Then you need to book a Family STEAM Event with the Cosmosphere! The Cosmosphere’s STEAM educators make the crowd’s favorite liquid nitrogen ice cream, and they’ll perform the Cosmosphere’s traveling live science show, Dr. Goddard’s Lab. Plus, we’ll include four additional activities with the supplies and train educators to run the activity stations!

Family STEAM Event

For Family STEAM Nights, the Cosmosphere will provide up to two educators.  If you would like more than two educator-led activities, we can provide up to six different activities (we will provide the supplies) and will show your teachers how to lead them.

  • Cosmosphere-Led Activities:
    • Dr. Goddard’s Lab show
    • LOXIC (Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream)
  • Educator-Led Activities:
    • Foam Plate Gliders
    • Build-A-Better Lander
    • Logic Puzzles
  • Cosmosphere-Led Activities (if these activities are chosen, they must be led by Cosmosphere staff):
    • Dr. Goddard’s Lab:  An explosive live science show about the history and physics of rocketry.
    • LOXIC (Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream):  Cosmosphere STEAM Educators use liquid nitrogen to create ice cream quickly.  Yummy and educational.  The school must provide milk and cream if the STEAM night is not hosted at the Cosmosphere.  
  • Educator-Led Activities (activities that can be led by teachers or Cosmosphere staff):
    • Foam Plate Gliders:  Students build homemade gliders and learn the basics needed for something to fly.
    • Build a Better Lander:  Students emulate engineers and create a model lunar lander that needs to land six marshmallow astronauts safely on the ground.  
    • Rocket Crawl:  Students race to see who can deliver the model rocket to the launch pad first without tipping the rocket over.  
    • Logic Puzzles:  Students work to complete logic puzzles – pyramid, soma cube, and the color cube stacks.

Cost: $1,000

(Two week advance registration required) 

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The renovated galleries in the Hall of Space are open. While many artifacts are on display during this time, the exhibits and graphics won’t be fully completed until late 2024.​