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Historic Liberty Bell 7 to Land at Planet Comicon Kansas City for Exhibit

Planet Comicon KC 2022 is joining forces with the Cosmosphere to bring attendees something that has never happened before. The Liberty Bell 7 (LB7) will travel to Bartle Hall in Kansas City April 22-24, 2022, from its home at the Cosmosphere to be part of the line up in this year’s Celebrity Row at PCKC! 

“There is great crossover between people who love science fiction and who love science and space exploration,” said Mimi Meredith, Cosmosphere Sr. VP of marketing and communication and Chief Development Officer. “Chris Jackson, Planet Comicon Kansas City CEO/Founder, is a true space lover and he is the one who initiated this partnership knowing his audience would be thrilled. We are grateful to Chris and his amazing team and we are excited to participate!”

There will be a variety of chances to win both PCKC and Cosmosphere giveaways throughout the month of April and at the show. The preshow giveaway is two Fast Passes for the 2022 Planet Comicon Kansas City. Register here to win!

In addition to the LB7 exhibit, Cosmosphere will also have a booth in the Planetary Experience Center (PEZ) where a 1:1.5 scale high definition photo of the Apollo 13 Odyssey spacecraft will be on display. The actual Odyssey Command Module is also part of the Cosmosphere’s collection. PCKC attendees will find the photo standee is the perfect backdrop for selfies. And activities based on the famous “square peg round hole” solution that saved the Apollo 13 mission will also be an educational opportunity offered by Cosmosphere educators at the booth. 

Further STEM education will be delivered by the Cosmosphere at 2 p.m. on Sunday when the Cosmosphere educators take to the PEZ with live demonstrations on everything from liquid fueled rockets to the science of living in space. 

For more information on the PCKC schedule click here and click on Cosmosphere and Liberty Bell 7 to learn more about them!