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Coffee at the Cosmo: Totality or Bust: Throwing Shade at the 2024 Solar Eclipse

This informative community gathering over coffee features guest speakers offering insight into STEM and space topics. Coffee at the Cosmo is free and open to the public.

Join us Thursday, January 18 from 9-10 am CT for Totality or Bust: Throwing Shade at the 2024 Solar Eclipse, with Cosmosphere STEM Education, Mary Smith.

April 8, 2024 we will be dazzled with a Total Solar Eclipse that will cross North America. A total solar eclipse is by far one of the most spectacular events to witness firsthand. If you have never seen a total solar eclipse, you can’t really fully prepare yourself for its true beauty. Read more about the eclipse in Mary’s blog here.

Coffee at the Cosmo can be enjoyed in-person at the Cosmosphere and will be available on the Cosmosphere’s YouTube channel a week after the event.

*Guests and topics are subject to change.