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  • Like Grandad, Like Grandson

    Like Grandad, Like Grandson

    July 28, 2022

    Best-dressed grandad in the a Cosmosphere Camps alum! (Yep, his tee shows all his grandkids. In space.)

    We caught up with Bill Roddy dropping off his grandson, Reed Pedroja, for another fun day at Cosmosphere Camp. This retired aeronautical engineer came to Cosmosphere's Adult Astronaut Adventure camp 21 years ago, and created a memory book of his time with us to share with young Reed before the space-tyke started this year's Lunar Base camp.

    Reed is making great new memories every day, like the activity he did yesterday using marshmallows to learn about Lunar Quakes. Bill has fond memories of the intensity and excitement of his adult camp's simulated spaceflight mission!


    Cosmosphere Camp dates for Summer 2023 are already available here.

    Customizable adult camp experiences for families or workplace teams are available year-round. Contact the Camp Support Team for more information: or 620.222.0201. 

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