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Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

This year for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we want to boost some great NASA content.

A 13-minute NASA AAPIHM video features Astronauts Sunita Williams (an Indian-American), Jonny Kim (Korean-American), Kjell Lindgren (Asian-American-Chinese) and Raja Chari (Korean-American). They discuss how their parents, their culture and the stories of previous astronauts shaped them.

Looking to the future of space, this NASA article recognizes recent NASA interns of Indonesian and Bangladeshi descent. They speak about their own influences and hopes.

“There is certainly a feeling of responsibility to carry on and add more to what those before me had started,” said NASA intern Ahsan Khan. “It is up to me as someone from a new generation to pick up where they left off and contribute to making even greater scientific progress.”

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