Build the Future

To ensure the continuation of the Cosmosphere’s mission and maintain its relevance to the changing demands of museum-goers, the Cosmosphere Board of Directors committed to a five-year $15 million capital campaign to revitalize the museum and expand its education offerings.


Be A spark

Our revitalization project promises to do more than excite kids about science. It will spark young minds like never before to push the boundaries of their world though space exploration. 

We are dedicated to creating an immersive and interactive center for learning unmatched by anything visitors have experienced. Students, and generations to come, will learn in enhanced classes meant to ignite their imagination and a love for science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

The newly designed facility will showcase:

help us be more for more people

In addition to a comprehensive upgrade of our Education and Camp facilities, a refreshed Hall of Space will house world class artifacts and interactive technology allowing for stimulating hands-on experiences.

Whether museum-goers want to conduct research or students want to take their education to new heights, the revitalized Cosmosphere is poised to be more for more people.

Now, Let's IGNITE the future!

To learn more about the Revitalization Campaign, contact the Cosmosphere Development office at (800) 397-0330 ext. 339 or
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