School rates apply Monday - Friday only. 

Prices do not include lunch. If you plan to eat lunch at the Cosmosphere, please add 20-30 minutes to the listed program duration times. Storage space or space for dining can be provided for sack lunches. Pizza lunch available for purchase with advance arrangements.

Middle School Field Trip Packages


ROCKET BLAST EXTREME  /  $15.00 per participant

Experience the explosive history of rockets in Dr. Goddard’s Lab and discover the different machines we’ve flown to space on a guided tour of the Hall of Space Museum. Build and launch model rocket with engines. Watch as the education team launches a trash can 150 feet in the air! (Launches are weather permitting). 

Grades 6-12

Duration: 4 hours (add extra time for lunch and/or gift store)

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ASTRONOMY 2  /  $8.00 per participant

After they have studied the life cycle of stars; the elements; or electricity, magnetism and light, bring your students to the Cosmosphere to discuss the intricacy and use of spectral analysis. Check out a fun show about how light travels, blends, reflects or changes color, and gaze at the sun with our solar telescopes or do a sunspot activity. Within the Justice Planetarium, almost any question can be answered live, and reinforced by epic visuals. Activities may include a light show, spectral analysis and decoding, a planetarium show and/or solar gazing.

Grades 8-12

Duration: 3 1/2 hours (add extra time for lunch and/or gift store)

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