Wonder. That state when awe and curiosity combine to create a
palpable desire to understand more. Neil Armstrong said it best—

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

The Cosmosphere honors those whose quest to understand led them to overcome insurmountable odds and to, quite literally, reach new heights. It provides challenging questions and scenarios that demand the real world application of what students might otherwise think of as abstract classroom theory. It’s where live demonstrations bring science to life in exciting and entertaining ways.

Our educators deliver high-energy, engaging content in an unforgettable way, and presentations can be streamed live from the Cosmosphere to your location. Our current Outreach presentations are approximately 45 minutes and include:

In addition, we offer hands-on activities that can be customized to complement your programming needs. They are approximately one hour, depending on group size, and include:

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