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  • Onward & Upward: A Virtual Telethon and Auction

    Onward & Upward: A Virtual Telethon and Auction

    September 16, 2020

    Join us, as we move onward and upward!

    Two great events will unfold as we celebrate the history of space exploration and the lessons it teaches, which are especially relevant today.

    Launch Date: October 4 at 2 pm CT—Sputnik Day!

    Mission Objective: Onward & Upward Virtual Telethon and Auction to raise $200,000 for the Cosmosphere. 

    It begins with the Onward and Upward Fundraising Virtual Telethon starting at 2:00 p.m. Central Time. The Virtual Telethon will be available will be available on Facebook and YouTube.

    Click Here for Telethon

    Space Legends participating include:

    Fred Haise, NASA astronaut
    Jim Lovell, NASA astronaut
    Michael Collins, NASA astronaut
    Gene Kranz, NASA flight director
    Gerry Griffin, NASA flight director
    Charlie Duke, NASA astronaut and Moonwalker
    Dr. Harrison Schmitt, NASA astronaut and Moonwalker
    Dr. Steven Hawley, NASA astronaut from Kansas 
    Cosmosphere Camp Alumni working in space industry

    Enjoy appearances by space legends and get a sneak peek at incredible items available in our Onward and Upward Virtual Auction, which will follow the Telethon and run until October 18.

    Pre-register for the auction at the link below to be ready to bid and to save your favorite items!

    Click Here for Auction

    That’s right! Two whole weeks of opportunities to bid on experiences, memorabilia, and more, all of which will support the Cosmosphere.

    Stay tuned for details! And thanks for loving the Cosmosphere!

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