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  • Space Artifact of the Month

    Space Artifact of the Month

    September 1, 2020

    Did you know that the Cosmosphere only displays about 7% of its total artifacts from our collection? Every month you're invited behind-the-scenes to learn about unique space artifacts not typically available to the public with our Space Arti-FACT of the Month Mission Log! This exclusive opportunity will take you into the world of the Cosmosphere collection to uncover the rich information, facts and history told through the world’s largest combined collection of U.S. and former Soviet space artifacts.

    September 2020

    Handmade Russian Chess Set 
    COS #5364
    Ownership: Cosmosphere

    A handmade Russian chess set celebrating the Russian space program. The chessmen are represented by various spacecraft and satellites, which are listed below. Also note the inlaid Sputnik on the dark squares of the solid wood board.

    Click here for images. 

    Pawn: Sputnik I
    Rook: Proton rockets
    Knight: Vostok spacecraft
    Bishop: Soyuz spacecraft
    Queen: Salyut space station (with two Soyuz spacecraft)
    King: MIR space station (with two Soyuz spacecraft)

    Check out the Cosmosphere’s Mollett Early Spaceflight Gallery to see other Russian space artifacts!

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