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To ensure the continuation of the Cosmosphere’s mission and maintain its relevance to the changing demands of museum-goers, the Cosmosphere Board of Directors committed to a five-year $20 million capital campaign to revitalize the museum and expand its education program offerings.

How we got started

Revitalization began with rebranding. The Cosmosphere benefits an international audience through programs that are in no way limited to space, so the first step was to change the name from the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center to Cosmosphere. The tagline…an International Science Education Center and Space Museum…reflects the focus of the Cosmosphere’s mission. A new logo conveys the new name and the spirit of wonder and immersive exploration that is at the heart of the Cosmosphere.

Hands-on education experiences unlike those found anywhere else make learning about science, technology, and the application of engineering and mathematic principles an adventure at the Cosmosphere. Students from throughout the United States and around the globe come to the Cosmosphere for the advantages of education programs offered against the backdrop of one of the world’s most complete collection of space artifacts. Revitalization efforts will broaden those programs and enable more students to participate in a greater variety of educational experiences.

Many of the Cosmosphere’s displays have not been updated since they were installed in the late 1990s or 2000. Even so, the story the artifacts tell is still incredibly compelling. Nowhere else on the planet is the story of the race to conquer space told more effectively, thanks to the unusual collection of both U.S. and Russian artifacts.

The Challenge

The challenge was how to make the story and exhibits engaging to more people in more ways? A team of museum architecture, design and display experts went to work to see what changes within the existing walls could create the greatest impact on museum attendance and education programming. Those experts, together with a taskforce composed of Cosmosphere leadership and stakeholders, developed a plan that will elevate the Cosmosphere to one of the top science education centers and museums in the world.

Plans for the Artifacts

Included in the Revitalization plans are designs to better display the artifacts with more relevant information delivered in a variety of formats including state-of-the art interactive technology. Whether museum-goers intend to spend extensive time conducting research, or vacationers want to quickly gain exposure to the highlights of the history of manned space flight, the Cosmosphere will provide greater experiences to wider audiences than ever before.

A fully interactive children’s area will delight and entertain while offering young minds the kinds of stimulating hands-on experiences that provide the first exposure to the principles of scientific and engineering principles…all while providing hours of fun! Visitors can delve deeper into exhibit subject matter at gallery learning stations, which will include interactive audio and visual technology offering even more learning opportunities.

OUr Goal

Now is the time for the Cosmosphere to have the quality of facilities to match its outstanding educational programming and unparalleled collection. The Revitalization Campaign goal is to raise $17 million for the capital improvements and $3 million in endowed funds to sustain those improvements.

To learn more about the Revitalization Campaign, contact the Cosmosphere Development office at (800) 397-0330 ext. 339 or
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