Everything Under the Stars

Saturday, August 26

6:00 - 11:59 pm

Adult beverages, live local music, amazing food and good fun - plus a live and silent auction.

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The same immersive hands-on curriculum that ignites learners through the Cosmosphere education programs, provides a perfect foundation for team building and leadership training experiences. Your work group or team can have a half-day or full-day in a Cosmosphere team-building experience designed specifically to meet the needs of your group.

“Our corporate training exercises not only allow a team to leave their normal work environment, but we can give them scenario based problems to solve that reinforce skills and instill new confidence in latent abilities that might otherwise go untapped,” said Tracey Tomme, Vice President of Cosmosphere Education. 

The corporate training team will work with you to identify areas which may need to be reinforced orexpanded in your team’s interactive dynamic. Through shifting roles and responsibilities within a scenario-based exercise, team members will gain new perspective, strengthen communication and problem solving skills in an engaging and enlightening series of activities.

Contact the Vice President of Development at 800-397-0330 ext. 339 for more information.

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